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The Harsfiarden Incident October 1982

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A Submarine is caught in Sweden's ASW trap south of Stockholm. Support and Follow Jive on all his social media! Patreon members get private videos not available anywhere else. Jive on Discord► https://discord.gg/5GzNu7b Jive on Twitch ► Twitch.tv/jivturky Jive on Twitter ►Twitter.com/jivturky Jive on Patreon ► Patreon.com/jivturky Merchandise ► https://teespring.com/stores/jive-turkeys-ship-store Support Jive ► Ship Store: streamlabs.com/jivturky/#/merch Contact Jive ► Business related inquiry: HireJive@gmail.com Send Loot Jive ► Business mail address: 13900 County Rd. 455 Suite #107 Box #303 Clermont, FL 34711 Music Courtesy of: Luke Steele: https://soundcloud.com/lukeysteele1-1 Evan King: https://evanking.bandcamp.com/ Jive's PC Spec ------------------------ CPU: Intel i9-9900k @4.7 GHz RAM:...
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