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Thoth art time lapse - "Speaking With Music, Singing With Color" by Megan Podwin

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Stream or download the song here: Stream: https://soundcloud.com/meganpodwin/speaking-with-music-singing-with-color Download: https://meganpodwin.bandcamp.com/track/speaking-with-music-singing-with-color ✴ ✵ ✶ ✷ ✸ Living forever, child of the Light, 'neath the stars, dreaming of mysteries far above men. In my heart grew there a great longing to conquer the pathway that led to the stars. Year after year, I sought after wisdom, seeking new knowledge, following the Way, Until at last my soul broke from its bondage. Far into space, traveled I into infinity's circle of light, Strains of harmony filled all the air, Shapes there were, moving in Order, Great and majestic as stars in the night;...
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