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Greco-Persian War: Ionian Revolt - Persian Counter Offensive (497 - 495 BC)

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The Empire strikes back with their Counter Offensive strategy to attempt to bring and end to the revolt. Cyprus and Caria have officially joined the rebellion in an attempt to gain freedom from the Largest Empire to have existed at the time. Will Histiaeus defect to the Ionian aid or will he remain loyal to King Darius? Will Aristagoras win the Rebellion for his people? Let's find out! We have the Battle of the Marsyas, Battle of Labraunda, and Battle of Pedasus featured in this episode. Link to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-381NkvvTYI5HvL6nWh3rgaTx4ZQAKTN You may use all of my videos as a...
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